Wellmune® Way of Thinking

Wellmune® is a leading yeast beta glucan clinically shown to help strengthen your immune system.

Added to everyday foods, beverages and supplements, Wellmune allows you to be well and stay well. Wellmune is extracted from the cell wall of a specific type of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) through a proprietary process that allows for optimal bioavailability and immune support. Daily use of Wellmune helps support a strong and healthy immune system. Wellmune is Halal, gluten-free, non-allergenic, and available in Non-GMO Project Verified.

Understanding how Wellmune works is crucial to appreciating its potential to support immune system health. This unique immune-supporting ingredient activates the body’s natural immunological defenses, which have evolved over thousands of years to protect the body. Wellmune works to enhance your immune system in a natural way.

  • When consumed, Wellmune enters the gut.
  • Wellmune is absorbed by gut cells and transported to immunological organs throughout the body.
  • These cells break Wellmune down into smaller pieces that attach themselves to immune cells.
  • Those immune cells move more efficiently to identify and eliminate foreign threats after being primed by Wellmune.

By priming your immune cells to be ready for foreign challenges (virus, bacteria, etc.), Wellmune can help strengthen immune function. While we know the primary way to do this is to maintain the healthy habits that keep your immune system running smoothly, experts also agree that sometimes extra functional ingredients, like Wellmune, are beneficial to immune health. There is also emerging evidence that Wellmune may also be able to teach the body’s immune cells to react more rapidly when a pathogen is identified.

Immune Support with Wellmune

Our immune system is the foundation for our overall well-being. Supporting our immune health is the first step in reinforcing our health and wellness via proactive self-care. Taking Wellmune daily can help support your overall immune function, so you can have more healthy days and live your best life. Wellmune is backed by more than a decade of research and is safe and effective for individuals of all ages, such include the following:

  • Children
  • Athletes and “weekend warriors”
  • Older adults
  • Anyone experiencing stress

It is pleasuring to discover Wellmune’s products that is clinically shown to support immune health for all ages.

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